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When it comes to your business/band/music/art and social media, the math is pretty straightforward:

Your Business + Social Media Use x (Efficiently + Effectively) = Bigger Reach = Higher Visibility = Customers/Clients/Fans/Followers = Higher Revenue

Youtube current estimate active users - 2 Billion globally
Facebook current estimate active users - 2.8 Billion globally
Instagram current estimate active users - 860 Million globally
LinkedIn current estimate active users - 700 Million globally
*(Figures from 2020 stats)*

Tell me now your niche clients/customers/fans/followers are not in this pile. No excuses to wait any longer.

So, are you ready to step out of the monotonous way of posting, creating great content and not getting the expected reach and attention?

And why not have some side income streams set up in combination with your main project or business?

Are you finally ready to push your creativity and make it go big and far through social media?

Ready to build your channels strong and solid?

I am excited to hear from you and start a new, changing and exciting adventure with you and your business or project.

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What Makes Me Your Go To?


My methods are always straight to the point without any complicated delays to finish the project.


My way of coaching and guiding will be guaranteed to change your mindset and push your project as far as you want it to go.


Whatever the issue, with me, you will always work towards a fast and solid solution for a much easier process.

“ Pat ran a superb well thought out social media ad campaign for us, he just made it so easy and took the hassle out of timings, target audiences and landing pages. Great to work with and highly recommended”.

Chris Walker

Heavier Than Metal Radio Scotland

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