SDM:TV is a collaboration project started in February 2021 by Slow Dragon Music and Myrockout Promotions based in Scotland, giving a platform for the music, event and art industry to discuss affecting current topics, share information between different industry-related operators, have artists from different countries and cultures come together and exchange ideas and opinions on industry-related topics.

Find all social media links of the podcast participants in each Youtube video description (click play video and then "Youtube").

Episode 5

In this episode of SDM:TV podcast, Paul talks to Rob of Punk legends "The Exploited" from Scotland, Bruno of Swiss Thrashers "Shadows Far" and Salvador of Norwegian Speed Metal “Black Viper” about touring Europe for non-EU bands.

18th April 2021

Episode 4

Paul talks to Tuomas of Melodic Death Metal "Wolfheart" from Finland, Anna of Heavy Progressive Folk-Rock "Cellar Darling" from Switzerland and Shaggy of Scottish Metal band H8teball about virtual events experiences.

04th April 2021

Episode 3

Paul talks to Andri of Auôn from Iceland, Claire of Dead Label from Ireland and Patricia of Abinchova from Switzerland about festival band battle experiences.

21st March 2021

Episode 2

Paul talks to Oli Bowker of A Ritual Spirit from Scotland, Goth Gorgon of Mörk Gryning from Sweden and Jim Beerman of Top Rocks and Total Rock Radio in England about radio importance for bands.

6th March 2021

Episode 1

Paul talks to Bryan of Ramage Inc. in Scotland and Neil of Krysthla in England about self-reliance as a band in the industry.

17th Feb 2021

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