When You Work With Me

Every booking with me is unique because no journey is ever the same. I’ll discuss every aspect of your ideas, projects or business with you to ensure everything will go smoothly and is tailored for all your needs to grow bigger with your channels online.

Quick overview of some key points:

  • Mindset build and strengthening. Find your confidence in social media posting and focusing on your part without distraction.
  • Organic post creating support. What works and what does not?
  • Video content build. What goes in and what should not be in a video?
  • Effective video title and description creation.
  • Efficient Story posting.
  • Importance of Thumbnails.
  • Usage and the power of a live channel
  • Learning about extra side income streams alongside the main business or project.
  • How to set-up side income streams in an effective way.
  • Understanding the likes and dislikes of SM platforms.
  • Newsletter build with retargeting options.
  • Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Linkedin?

And much more!

These are only some of the topics which you and I will be discussing, tailor to your needs and implement into your daily routine.

You will walk away with:

✅ Thorough understanding of social media behaviours and moods

✅ Confidence in putting engaging content out there

✅ Creating strong content, drawing more people to your channels

✅ A clear understanding of the importance of video creations

✅ How to build side income streams and use those efficiently and with effective outcome

✅ How to implement and combine side income streams into your main project and business

✅ In-depth understanding of centralising your online traffic

✅ How to track your website movements

✅ Understanding which social media platform works most efficient for you

✅ How to and the importance of collaborating with likeminded channels

✅ How to keep the mindset on course regardless

✅ How to work out a sensible strategy, how to follow it and how to adjust it

✅ How to become a serious competition in your niche

✅ Start seeing social media for what it is and use it to your benefits only

✅ All recordings of our workshop together for you to watch back when needed

✅ All documents in my collection useful to your mission

Look, I can go on here, but let me put it to you bluntly; you will walk away from me smiling and knowing you are on your way to becoming an absolute self-confident warrior on social media and nobody else except you can stand in your way forward with your band, music, art or business!


“I worked with Pat for a month. During the in-depth workshop, I learned how to layout my social media channels and website in a more strategic way and within 3 weeks I had my first clients signed up."


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